About Us


Founded in 2001, Ophaya Group is an IC R&D, design, and manufacturing company.

Ophaya Group, established in 2001, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, research and development, production, and sales of optical dot matrix intelligent pen chip solutions. The company provides customers with product SDKs and technical support, as well as OEM services and ODM customization. The headquarters is located in Taiwan, with marketing divisions in Shenzhen and Tokyo. Ophaya Group also has its own dedicated factory in Suzhou.

For more than 20 years since its establishment, Ophaya has always adhered to the principles of focus, specialization, and innovation. Currently, Ophaya possesses proprietary invisible code dot recognition technology and, through different algorithms, has developed dot reading technology that can recognize hundreds of millions of code values. It has designed and produced chips in various specifications, especially the technology integration solutions for intelligent handwriting pens. While writing on paper, the content can be simultaneously transmitted and displayed on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and other devices. Without changing the original writing habits, text content can be instantly converted into electronic files for saving and sharing, easily digitizing general writing, drawing, and notes.

Ophaya specializes in wireless application products such as optical dot-reading pens and dot-matrix intelligent handwriting pens, and in the development, design, production, and after-sales service of electronic toys and teaching aids for children's education. The company is adept at developing products for code reading, video playback, and recording. Additionally, Ophaya manufactures electronic building blocks, micro projectors, logical thinking trainers, electronic teaching pointers, video boxes, and other educational and intellectual teaching-related products.

Ophaya Group’s solutions offer highly competitive products and cooperate with various digital platforms to provide product integration that meets market demands. With 85% of its products being exported, Ophaya's reach extends to over 20 countries and regions including the UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, India, the Middle East, China, and Taiwan. Its products are widely used in education, business, finance, healthcare, and other industry sectors, earning recognition and trust from customers both domestically and abroad. In order to lead in an ever-changing market, Ophaya continues to expand its global sales channels.

The production factory located in Suzhou has a professional R&D, engineering, quality control, and production line team, along with rigorous quality control processes and comprehensive production and testing equipment. In addition to long-term stable production capacity, the flexibility of production line allocation is Ophaya’s strongest support in securing orders. The close collaboration and passion of the team and factory assure customers of Ophaya’s reliability in handling product manufacturing and design, making Ophaya a trustworthy and dependable partner in business. Ophaya’s reliable quality assurance not only helps customers expand into potential markets but also enables them to maintain a competitive edge.

For information on the application fields of our products, please refer to our solutions.