Ophaya Smartpen digital pen Ophaya Smartpen digital pen

Ophaya Smartpens

"Unlock Your Creativity with the Stroke of Genius: Introducing the Revolutionary SmartPen!"


Ophaya smartpen adopts high-speed infrared camera to recognize content with high sensitivity, which can be written at any Angle of 360° which captures and recreates your handwriting.

Rest assured in situations where your phone is inaccessible, the app is not connected, or the network signal is weak. The digital pen provides offline storage functionality, enabling you to securely store approximately 1000 A4 pages of content.

It is easy to change the ink in your smartpen, and each pen can be charged using a Micro USB Cable.



Ophaya notebooks employ conventional paper that is imprinted with a distinct array of minuscule micro-dots known as DPS, which functions akin to a GPS for the intelligent pen.

The high-speed infrared camera in the smartpen scans the dot-pattern, allowing for various digital features and applications that can be used on paper. Ophaya offers Smartpaper notebooks and paper-based applications at prices similar to regular paper products.


Ophaya Pro +

Our partner app that works on all devices. Sync your Ophaya smartpen to our app, and keep all your notes where you need them.

Effortlessly convert your handwritten notes into searchable text and conveniently navigate through them. Utilize the device's storage to securely save your notes, enabling easy sharing with just a single click. Take advantage of the Pencast feature to synchronize audio recordings with your written notes, enhancing your note-taking experience.

Share your ideas in any format, so you never lose touch with what you create. From litle bit text and ideas to a masterpiece.
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